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Classes and Workshops can be found on the Class Schedule Page. Privates or Duets can be scheduled with Nancy by email or phone.

Scheduling Availability:
M/W/Th/F: 8AM-8PM
Sa: 8AM-12PM



Private Training $68 per appointmentFrom $60 per visit with 10 sessions Hour Private Training pass

one on one training

Duet Training (2 people price listed is per person) $42 per appointmentFrom $36 per visit with 10 sessions Duet Training pass

1 hour, 2 people, PIlates Equipment

Hands on Session (YBR, Reiki or combination) $85 per appointmentFrom $80 per visit with 10 sessions Hands On passPurchase required to enroll

One on One Yamuna Body Rolling Hands on assistance to realign and ensure correct body placement on the ball.

30 minute private $42 per appointmentFrom $38 per visit with 10 session 30 min training pass

Dynamic Manual Interface w/ Optimal Bodywork $150 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

Hands on therapeutic modality, performed while fully clothed, which can release deep seated patterns that are restricting the body's movement and/or system function.

Private Yoga for Women $68 per appointmentFrom $60 per visit with 10 sessions Hour Private Training pass


Arcs, Balls and Bands (ABBs) $30 per classFrom $25 per visit with Arcs Balls & Bands series passPurchase required to enroll

Spine Correctors, Flex Bands, Balls 55 min focused core workout

Yamuna Body Rolling Hour $25 per classFrom $22 per visit with Yamuna Body Rolling 6 series passPurchase required to enroll

Realign muscles, create more joint space, increase your flexibility, strengthen your core and end feeling like you've had a massage.

Candlelight Yoga Drop In $25 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Roll It Out $15 per class$180No purchase required to enroll

30 minute Yamuna Body Rolling. Can be taken on its own or to end with stretching and toning after our hour long ABBs pilates class.


Candlelight Yoga $120Purchase required to enroll

Evening Candlelight Yoga Course, progresses, women only, strength & relaxation in quiet setting, no prior experience required.

Foot Fitness Overview for Professionals Free

An overview class of what is covered in the Yamuna Foot Fitness and Foot to Hip connection classes for professionals interested in what these tools might allow them to offer their clients.

Total Barre -Just for You $75Purchase required to enroll

3 day Mini Series, 2 hour leaning workshop followed by 2 days of a 1 hour Total Barre class. A great way to learn Total Barre so that you can continue it with confidence that you know how to challenge yourself and avoid injury.
Barre has always been about keeping great form while moving your body. The coordination and balance comes with time and half the fun is figuring out why your body chooses to do things in a different, perhaps uncoordinated way. Whether you're a novice or not, the Total Barre Mini-Series, is here for you to see what Barre has to offer. Learn how to do the basic Barre series in the comfort of your own home using a chair, like I taught my Mom. Or perhaps come see how coordinated you truly are, you may be surprised! Join us and find your inner dancer and your inner strength.

See you at the Barre!


Foot Fitness Workshop $100Purchase required to enroll

Workshop to increase foot function, alleviate plantar fasciitis, bunions, morons neuromas.

Reiki I & II $250Purchase required to enroll

2 Day course covering Reiki Level I & II attunement

Breath in Movement - The Value of Breath $50Purchase required to enroll

The Value of Breath a Yamuna Body Rolling inspired workshop of breath work.

Foot Fitness 2- The Foot to Hip Connection $50Purchase required to enroll

The next level of foot fitness. Yamuna Foot Wakers and Savers combined with Body Rolling Routines that connect the feet to the hips.


Dan's Gift $10 per appointment

contributions toward an appreciation gift for Dan Hegelund from the Common Ground Choir.